In this health conscious time, many people around the world have embraced the Japanese cuisine, which is made up of mainly seafood. In Kota Kinabalu Japanese Cuisine has built up quite a size able followers, today many Japanese restaurants can be found in and around the city.

Below are some of these Japanese restaurants in Kota Kinabalu:


One Response to Japanese

  1. C K says:

    I visited Michi restaurant today. The verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED.

    There was no customer at the restaurant. Granted, it was a late Monday afternoon, but still…should have learnt before from experience that when the resturant is empty don’t go!

    The biggest complaint was the bland sushi. The rice is not up to the usual fat, short, delivious ‘sushi rice’ standard. Even with the 50% discount on some of the sushi, it’s not worth it.

    Staff appeared to be polite. However, one thing really irked me. I asked the lady serving us what the ‘sushi’ (which isn’t; I can’t remember the correct name) with orange bits and white mayo-looking stuff on top was. She just said “it’s all oyster”, pointing to the word “oyster” (which I had missed) on top of the discount menu, and brushed me off. I had to ask again, and I felt I had to work hard to pry some answers from her. Not impressed! Especially when I am a potential repeat customers and my guests who were with me were visiting Sabah. If you’re reaing this lady, learn from your silly mistakes.

    On the whole, the experience was poor. And expensively poor. Take my advice and visit other Japanese restaurants in KK like Wagamama, Nishiki or Hana, but not this awful place.

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