Warisan Square

Tagged as the “most trendy shopping centre” in Kota Kinabalu, Warisan Square has the most concentrate of brand name retailers in a mid-size shopping mall. Warisan Square uses a “street mall” concept where visitors will walk and shop along the open-air area and the indoor air-conditioned shopping podium. Situated along Jalan Tuan Fuad Stephen, Warisan Square position in the city centre is very accessible to the public. With a total of 141 retail outlets and a combined 102,677 sq ft of retailing space, shoppers will be rewarded with the experience of shopping at the many new fashion-brand outlets, and dinning at the various food chain outlets.

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City Mall

City Mall opened it’s door to the general public on late 2006, ever since then there are no looking back. Even though City Mall is quite a distance from Kota Kinabalu City, it is well received by KK Lites. Today City Mall is one of the most busy shopping Mall outside Kota Kinabalu.

Located on Jalan Lintas, and opposite to the Sabah Golf & Country Club, City Mall is well position as it is not far from many of KK surburbs. City Mall is spacious and well planned for the comfort of the shoppers. The mall can easily be divided in to 5 alley ways. The centre alley is always busy with promotion and interesting offers, and lead to the end where Giant is located. Then there are The North City Walk and South City Walk, which consist of many smaller shops. Lastly two more row of shops are line up at both outer side of the mall, many restaurants can be found here.

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