Sabah is located on the northern part of the Borneo Island, the third largest island in the world. It has a land mass of 73,619 square kilometres, which is just slightly bigger than the Washington state of USA. Two thirds of Sabah shoreline are surrounded by seas and with its long shoreline, it also comes with many tropical islands, as many as one hundred, which range from the habitable big ones to exotic tiny ones.

Tourism industries are very well organized in Sabah. Some guide books even commented that it is being too organized. From the high end resorts to the budget hostels, plus the good support of the tour agencies, travelling around Sabah is a breeze. The west coast region is well known for it’s beautiful nature sceneries, where rolling hills, lush green forest and mountains fill the landscape. While on the east coast, wildlife exploration and underwater spectacles are waiting for guests to discover.

Sabah are divided into five divisions and each has its special and unique feature to offer the visitors. From nature to wildlife, and from white sandy beach to beautiful corals, they all continue to attract visitors to come back to Sabah for more. The five division are Interior Division, Kudat Division, Sandakan Division, Tawau Division and West Coast Division.

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