After Sandakan Division, the Interior Division occupies the second largest land areas with a total of 18,298 square kilometres which is about 25% of Sabah’s territory. Considered to be the least developed part of Sabah, where the main industry is just plantations. It does not have many major tourist destinations, but a visit to these areas especially along the Crocker Range visitors will be treated with lush green forests, rolling hills, great mountain views, and a few stunning waterfalls.

Beaufort, Keningau, Tenom, Tambunan and Sipitang are the major towns for the Interior district. Beaufort and Tenom are popular for its train stations. In between this two towns lies the Padas River, which is the major hydro electric station for the west coast area.

Tenom Agriculture Park
Tenom Agriculture park is quite a big place with nine different gardens from simple flower gardens to commercial plants. Visitors can easily spend half a day here. It is a must for the plants and flowers loving people. The special one is the Borneo orchid farm where you can find some exotic wild local orchids. Quite a few of these will only blossom once in every five years. Accommodation is available in this park too.

Klias Wetland
Travelling some two hours south of Kota Kinabalu visitors will reach the Klias wetland area, which is home to the proboscis monkeys. There are two main rivers here for the river cruise tour, Klias is the main river and the tributary form the other small river called Garama river. Organized river cruise either in the morning or afternoon will bring visitors out to the rivers in search of Proboscis Monkeys. Proboscis Monkeys are often found resting on tree tops or branches along the rivers. The mackey and silverleaf monkeys are also seen here, cohabiting with the Proboscis Monkeys. At night visitors will be treated with a show of dazzling lights from the fire flies, blinking on trees. More…

Padas White Water Rafting
White water rafting at Padas river is one of the most adventurous things to do in the Interior Division. Talk about adrenaline pumping, charging at grade 3 to grade 4 rapids are surely going to bring your heart beat throbbing. Apart from having fun rafting down the Padas river, rafters also get the chance to experience the only train ride in Borneo, which was completed by the British in 1916. This is one of the trips where visitors get to kill two birds with just one stone.


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