Kota Kinabalu a Seafood Paradise

Sabah, also known as The Land Below The Wind, is the northern most state of Malaysia. Situated at the northern part of the Borneo Island, two third of Sabah’s border is made up of coastal land. The west coast of Sabah is washed by the waters of South China Sea, and the north-Sulu Sea and while the east coast-the Celebes Sea. With its unique geographical location and the many islands surrounding Sabah, corals and a vast ecosystem of wetlands have enriched it surrounding with abundant of marine life. With all this natural element in place, fishermen in Sabah are constantly supplying the local markets with plenty of fresh seafood.

Kota Kinabalu is the capitol city of Sabah, and also the most well connected city in Borneo with its international airport and sea port. Live sea creatures from Kudat, Sandakan, and Tawau have to pass through Kota Kinabalu before they are exported to Hong Kong and Taipei, two major cities of this region. With the major seafood suppliers in Kota Kinabalu, restaurant owners have made use of this opportunity to set up many seafood restaurants in the past decades. Today it is not surprised that seafood is one of the most popular food in Kota Kinabalu.

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Gayang Seafood Restaurant

“kim hiong” fried crabs

“Kim Hiong” is a wonderful sauce that cooked with a mixture of ingredients, like curry powder, curry leaf, grounded dry shrimp and eggs. “Kim Hiong” sauce can be used to fry prawns and fish. Here we have Kim Hiong sauce on fried crabs, the out come is finger licking good, yummy.

gayang seafood restaurant entrance

Gayang Seafood Restaurant is another popular venue for kklites to enjoy great seafood dinner with friends and family. Spacious and open air dinner hall is the landmark of Gayang Seafood Restaurant, and this is another reasonable price seafood restaurant. To get here, travel north on Jalan Sulaman, and turn in at the next junction on the left after passing Salut Seafood Restaurant. The journey takes about 25 minutes from Kota Kinabalu City.

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New Gaya Seafood Restuarant

butter prawn

Butter Prawn in dry or wet sauce is a hugely popular dish for seafood lovers in Kota Kinabalu. Dip the prawn into the butter garvy, and this makes the prawn taste so delicious. Another popular prawn dish is the simple and tasty Steamed Fresh Prawns.


Lives flowers lobsters, elephant trunks, and clams, are ready to be order and make into wonderful dishes to satisfy our taste bud. There are also live fish for sale here.

new gaya seafood restaurant

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Salut Seafood Restaurant

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Travel along Jalan Sulaiman highway, after some 20 to 30 minutes from Kota Kinablau City, one is going to pass by Salut seafood restaurant. Since it is quite out of the way for us kklites, this seafood restaurant is like a hidden gem. The price of seafood here is much cheaper compare with the other big seafood restaurants in the city. Tourists can get here by taxi, no buses come up to this place yet.

look out for these Giant Clams

With these giant clams lining up the entrance of Salut Seafood Restuarant, surely this is good Feng Shui. Good Feng Shui equals Good fortune, an ancients Chinese’s believe. Here the good fortune is translated into real life too, as Salut Seafood Restaurant has grown from a small outpost restaurant with some 20 tables to about 100 tables restaurant now. Yet it still maintains the simple out look of it humble begining, hence the continue of the cheaper price.

salut seafood restaurant interior view

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