Little Italy Pasta and Pizza Corner

little italy front entrance

Without a doubt, Little Italy is the most popular Italian restaurant in Kota Kinabalu. Come lunch and dinner time Little Italy is always packed with KKlites and tourists alike. The pasta and pizza here are so delicious that customers always comeback for more.

gamberi fettuccine with prawn

Located on the ground floor of Capital Hotel, and situated at a corner of one of KK city most busy traffic lights, Little Italy does have a very strategic position. While the others two corners are occupied by Wisma Merdeka and Wisma Sabah, both places are popular shopping centres and offices. Take a seat at the veranda of Little Italy and get a glimpse of life in Kota Kinabalu City, where people walk up and down going about with their businesses.

little italy outside area

fettuccine with carbonara

Beef, Chicken and Seafood are the main selection of dishes in Little Italy. Most of the ingredients used to prepare the food is imported, and only the fresh seafood is from the local markets. Little Italy has its own factory to prepare their own pasta, and has a variety of pastas to choose from. There are also many different sauces like bolognese, carbonara, gamberi and many others to choose from to go with pasta of your choice.

ravioli beef with bolognese

The ravioli beef with Bolognese is very tasty. There are other type of ravioli, like ravioli chicken, ravioli with spinach and cheese, and ravioli mushroom.

little italy – interior

The interior of Little Italy has a European style, giving us a feel as if we are in Europe somewhere. Even though Little Italy has only opened for a few years it has already won numerous awards, including the Best Restaurant by Sabah Tourism. Some staffs said “nobody is allowed to walk out of the restaurant unhappy, that’s an order from the boss”. No wonder the service here is so excellent.

zuppadi di mare

The Zuppadi Di Mare is a highly recommended dish here, it has scallop, prawn, squid and pasta with a tomato base soup. There are also a few different salads to choose from.

di cesare salad

Pizza is a plenty in Little Italy, the choice for selection on their menu is mind searching. Alla Salciccia, Bianca, Quattro Stagioni, Marinara, Tono Cipolla E Peperoncino, are just some of the Italian pizza names here. A selcetion of beef, chicken, seafood, vegetable, and cheese for the topping, and Little Italy uses a thin tasty pizza crust.

marinara pizza

Do come to Little Italy for a good Italian food feast; like the staffs said the boss will not let us walk out unhappy, satisfaction guaranteed.


About Olombon
I live in Kota Kinabalu and run a blog called This blog welcomes everyone to visit Sabah, one of the best destinations that Malaysia have to offer. Beaches, mountains, nature, underwater, and wildlife we have them all.

6 Responses to Little Italy Pasta and Pizza Corner

  1. chegu carol says:

    Agree with the capital A!
    Little Italy is the best Italian restaurant in KK by far.

  2. fooman says:

    Yeap, its excellent. I’ve had dinner there twice just this week alone!

  3. anonymous says:

    can some1 pls burn down this shop because my baby loves the shop more than me!! im serious!!

  4. HappyBoss says:

    Thank you for your great feedback and a pretty nicely done blog design 🙂
    U guys are great and will always be welcome at the restaurant…I wish you’ll always leave feeling happy 🙂 and properly satiated (…Feel like snake ) 🙂


  5. youzhuan says:

    sabah is awesome!
    we had a great time climbing Mt kinabalu, Island hopping, and lastly, we went to Little Italy before we head back KL. It was awesome, great food, great atmosphere… Perfect end to our wonderful trip…
    we look forward to going back there again!

  6. miss nuurr says:

    is it halal?

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