Deep Fried Chicken and Roasted Pork

deep fried chicken & roasted pork

This hugely popular chicken & roasted pork rice kopitiam is always packed with people during lunch hours. The deep fried chicken, roasted pork, roasted ribs and the ever delicious “sau nyuk”, are all sold out every day. Come early if “sau nyuk” is the main order, to avoid any disappointment.

ho kee’s chicken & roasted pork rice

“Ho Kee” is just a small store operating within Kedai Kopi Gunung Emas, and the business hours is from 11am to 2pm. Many people come for the take away too, and also be prepared to wait for a seat whenever one decides to come for a treat at “Ho Kee”. The location of this kopitiam is at Bornion Commercial Centre, at the back of Milimewa Supermarket, about 10 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu City along Jalan Kolam.

“sau nyuk”

“Sau Nyuk” is a roasted pork with crispy skin, takes about 3 to 4 hours to prepare, and special recipe and skill are needed to roast this “Sau Nyuk” to perfection. Too much heat or burn too long will destroy the crispy pork skin.

crowded kopitiam

roasted pork ribs

Roasted Pork Ribs are just chunk of pork ribs, that are marinated with special sauce and roasted with hot charcoal. The Roasted Pork Ribs taste sweet and yummy.

chaz sau the chef

Chaz Sau, the ever friendly chef, has been running this store for almost 20 years now, and during this time Chaz Sau has built up a healthy group of clients. Many clients has eaten here as a school boy and girl, and many as an adult still fondly come back for the chicken and roasted pork rice regularly.


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  1. sweetrosie says:

    Great photos! Thank you.

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