New Gaya Seafood Restuarant

butter prawn

Butter Prawn in dry or wet sauce is a hugely popular dish for seafood lovers in Kota Kinabalu. Dip the prawn into the butter garvy, and this makes the prawn taste so delicious. Another popular prawn dish is the simple and tasty Steamed Fresh Prawns.


Lives flowers lobsters, elephant trunks, and clams, are ready to be order and make into wonderful dishes to satisfy our taste bud. There are also live fish for sale here.

new gaya seafood restaurant

KKlites love seafood, that’s why we have so many seafood restaurants in and around Kota Kinabalu City. New Gaya Seafood Restaurant is located about 15 mintues drive away from the city, at a surburb call Inanam. The price of seafood here is consider reasonable and more budget compares with the top end Seafood Restaurants in the City. This restaurant does not served pork.

an interior view

New Gaya Seafood Restaurant has an open air atmosphere with about 50 tables, big and small. There also a room with air-condition that can seat about 60 persons.

steamed talipia

deep fried crabs

ginger venison

sweet potato shoots

hot steamy rice

All these delicious dishes and couple with a bowl of hot steamy rice, are surely going to make one stomach full.

New Gaya Seafood Restaurant
Lot A & B, Wisma Lucky Centre, Jalan Kianson,
88450 Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: +6088 426 o75/76/77 (3 lines)


About Olombon
I live in Kota Kinabalu and run a blog called This blog welcomes everyone to visit Sabah, one of the best destinations that Malaysia have to offer. Beaches, mountains, nature, underwater, and wildlife we have them all.

5 Responses to New Gaya Seafood Restuarant

  1. kaki ayam says:

    what about the price? the dishes seems normal. tilapia in KK? Tilapia is suppose to be fresh water fish and personally, i don’t think you should be having fresh water fish at a seafood haven like KK.

    anyway, just my two cents….

    any good recommendations of seafood in around KK? will be going there this coming march…take care…

  2. Robin Ng says:

    i just had my dinner there! very nice food and good price! will definitely visit them again when i visit KK again!

  3. Orange Dog says:

    Agree with Kaki Ayam, what’s so special about their Tilapia? Salt water Tilapia?

  4. Orange Dog says:

    What happened to all the Garoupers? Tsunami?

  5. beautifulkk says:

    Lot of Garoupers there, they just cost much more.

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