Nagasaki Japanese Restaurant

nagasaki japanese restaurant

On the busy and buzzing street of Kota Kinabalu financial area, where the power house bankers, like HSBC and Standard Charter Bank, carry out their businesses, lies this cosy Nagasaki Japanese Restaurant. Located at the corner of the old warehouses, this restaurant offers a quiet and cooling sanctuary for lunch and dinner.

restaurant main entrance

Nagasaki Japanese Restaurant looks much like the others Japanese Restaurants that I have visited before. Here the interior is nice, clean, and simple.

interior setting

bar counter

We had lunch here, and the meal starts with an appetise, which is a simple half boil eggs.

The main meal today is the “Lion Set Meal”, which consists of Gyuniku Shiogayaki (New Zealand beef with ginger sauce), Sawara teriyaki (Spanish Mackeral grilled with teriyaki sauce), Kaki age (deep fried seafood and vegetable), and Kurage su (Japanese style jelly fish).

lions set meal

We also had Futomuki Sushi (sushi rice with assorted fillings, rolled in a sheet of “nori”), Unagi Sushi (eel fish), and end with fruits dessert. Is the food good? Yes! very tasty and the bills add up to a total of RM 65.55 with service and tax.

sushi on boat (futomuki sushi)

unagi sushi


Business Hours:

11am to 2:15pm (last order)

6pm to 10pm (last order)

No 19, Jalan Hj Saman

88000 Kota Kinabalu.

Tel: 6088 216 623


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