City Western Food


Lamb Chop RM13

City Western Food, a small stall within Food City, offers a few western food dishes and the price here is more on the budget side. Lamb Chop, Chicken Chop, Fish and Chip, Steak are usual western food on the menu of City Western Food.

Food City also has many different stalls that offer Chinese and Malay food. There is a Satay stall here too. One can safely say Food City truly has a multiracial atmosphere, and Food City opens morning until 11:00pm daily. Food City is located at Jalan Kolombong, and it can be seen on the ring road not far from City Mall.

food city crowd

city western food menu’s

There are 3 kinds of sauces to choose from at City Western Food, namely black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce and mints sauce. I have lamb chop and my friend, Jacky, has mixed grill, top up with black pepper sauce. I would say the cook here are quiet capable, as both of us wallop up every thing on the plates, other than the bones, haha….

deep fried chicken chop Rm 10

fish and chip RM 10

mixed grill RM 18

another version of mixed grill

another satisfy meal


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3 Responses to City Western Food

  1. kupi says:

    where is this City Western Food located?

  2. beautifulkk says:

    Food city is on Jalan Kolombong, and not far from City Mall. If you travel from Kolombong to Lintas, it is on left hand side of the road. City Western Food is inside Food City.

  3. farish says:

    u serve halal food. N is it halal.

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