Kedai Kopi Sincere

Delicious Tim Sum

Sunday morning, I woke up by a text message, Alice asked me to join her for breakfast, before she go off for work (Ya, working on a Sunday morning, don’t ask me why). We chose a Kopitiam called “Kedai Kopi Sincere”, which is about 4km from KK city along Jalan Tuaran. For the local, it is the shop lots beside Kian Kok Secondary School. This restaurant serves tradition Chinese Noodle, and they also have nice Tim Sum too.

One of the yard stick we KKlites used to judge if a Kopitiam serves good food or not, is by looking at the customers in the shop. More customers translate to better the foods. So one can determine the quality of the food from the picture that follow.


Kedai Kopi Sincere

Look! the place is packed with people, so food here have to be good.


Pork, Chicken and Duck meats on display

Noodle 101 at Kopitiam*

Alice has noodle with soup and I have dry noodle with extra noodle… haha I like them big.. For drink Alice has a Kopi O and I have Teh-C Ping.

Kopi O and Teh-C Ping



Soup Noodle with Meat Ball and Chon Kent RM 4.00

Alice said this tasty noodle soup is a great breakfast starter.. satisfied the appetite..


Dry Noodle RM 5.00

My dry noodle come with extra noodle hence the difference in price from the noodle with soup. The black sauce used to make this dry noodle is very tasty and so are the roast pork too. The “cho kent” made from eggs and pork, eggs rolled on pork, is just as good.


Tim Sum

Ai..Ya.. Just look at these Tim Sum make me hungry again, they taste so yummy!

Eat for Happiness…


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