Mat Salleh Restaurant


Situated near the old port/harbour of Kota Kinabalu, now rename Jesselton Point, lies a coshy little eateree called Mat Salleh Restaurant. Mat Salleh is a name borrow from an local warrior that lived in the 19th century. He was a freedom fighter who rebelled agaisnt the Britsih North Borneo Chartered Company at that time administer for British North Borneo (Sabah). The Mat Salleh Rebellion begin in 1894 and end in 1905 when evenually Mat Salleh was killed in a small town called Tambunan, where his Tomb still lied today.


Colourful Batik Sarong table clothes are the first thing that awake my visual sense when I walk into the Mat salleh Restaurant. The different mixture of colour and pattern on the batik-sarongs are very striking to the eyes. The glass wall that surround the restaurant also allow one to have a good view on the harbour, island and the sea. This give one a relax feeling of being so near to the nature. This is an air-condition restaurant, and they also have a few tables that set on the walkway next to the sea.

Browsing through the pages of the Mat Salleh Restaurant Menu, Local Malay and Western cuisines are the main course/cuisine serving here. We managed to choose a few of the local dishes.

Beef Rendang RM 16.50

( a very popular local malay dish, beef marinaed with herds)

Lamb Curry RM 16.50

Hinava RM 9.00

(a famous local Sabahan dish, lime marinated with chilli, shallot and gingers)

Note: Do watch out for the small green chilli in the Hinave, it set my tongue on fire. Remedy drink cool water.

Kang Kong RM 8.00

local vegatable cook with herb (balacan)

Our total price for four persons is RM 72.20

Are we satisfy with the local dishes? Here are the resulted.


Here are a few price sample of the on the Mat Salleh Restaurant menu:


Grilled Lamb Shoulder Sliced RM 28.00

Chicken Gordon Bleu RM 30.00

Sirlion Steak RM 40.00

Fillet Steak RM 45.00

Eat for Happiness

Last update: 18th April 2008

On my last visit to Jesselton Point, I had found that Mat Salleh Restaurant has been closed.


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