"Ngau Chap" Old School

Kedai Cheng Wah

Kedai Cheng Wah, yet another kopitiam well known for its “Ngau Chap” noodles; “Ngau Chap” is no doubt one of the most popular breakfast choices for KK people. Kedai Cheng Wah kopitiam’s “Ngau Chap” Soup or Kon Lou are priced at RM 3.50, special from RM 4.50 onwards. Hainan Chicken Rice is also on sale there.

Ngau Chap Kon Lou Noodle

One would have noticed that the Ngau Chap is served with a metal plate under the bowl. This reminds me of my primary school days back in the late 70s; my school, Chung Hwa Primary School, canteen served noodles in the same way too, thus the notion Ngau Chap Old school. Other than the tasty “Ngau Chap”, another specialty here is Cheng Wah’s kon lou noodle which has a very delicious aroma in the gravy sauce. Every time I come here I would order two bowls of Ngau Chap Kon Lou noodle, no wonder I have put up so much weight over the years.

Lido Open Market

Lido is about 6km from downtown Kota Kinabalu, and another buzzing suburb. Kedai Cheng Wah is about 4 shops next to KFC at Lido commercial centre. Lido Open Market is also situated here that’s why this place is always jammed with traffic. Like many parts of Malaysia, Lido open market allows traders to come here to set up a tent/stall and sell their produce. As early as 5am traders have already started to sell their produce, namely: vegetables, eggs, fruits, spicies, fried noodles, local cakes. Some traders continue until late afternoon, but many would have packed up at about 12 noon. There is a wet and dry market here too, sellers of fishes, prawn, squid in the wet market and meat, pork, poultry are in the dry market.

Business Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 5:30am to 4 pm
Sunday: 5:30am to 3 pm
Pictures by Olombon


About Olombon
I live in Kota Kinabalu and run a blog called beautifulkk.com. This blog welcomes everyone to visit Sabah, one of the best destinations that Malaysia have to offer. Beaches, mountains, nature, underwater, and wildlife we have them all.

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